The time has come for me to transition my time,

from raising awesome Maine Coons, to sharing my life with my awesome husband. 

He is traveling more and more with his hobby and there is only one obstacle for my joining him. 

We thoroughly enjoy traveling with each other and are looking forward to finally sharing more time together.

To be successful in a breeding program it is important to always have up and coming cats ready to fill in as others retire.

  Early this year I purchased two females to become future mommies.

They have been placed in a new breeding home

MILDRED, fondly referred to as "MILLIE"

Is the mother of our current and final litter.  She will be available to a new home the end of April or May 2020


Br'er Coon's "Millie"

Will be ready for a forever home the end of May 2020.

She has loads of personality and is very affectionate. 

I think she might be best as an only cat, but I will know more when she looses her mommy protective instincts.


Br'er Coon's Hamilton Bone

better know as Hambone, will be staying with us as a beloved pet. 

He was the sire for our final litter and has been neutered. We are awaiting the complete diminishment of testosterone before joining our other two pets, ICOONS Gunsmoke "Gunny" and Br'er Coon's Ellie Mae, better known as "the boss"!!

ICOONS Gunsmoke

of Br'er Coon

better know as "Gunny", comes to us via our wonderful friends in Florida. I was immediately attracted to him when seeing his picture for the first time. He is MY CAT, as we are so attached to each other.  Hoping that he and Hambone will bond in solidarity, against the "Ruling Queen" . . .  Ellie Mae!!!

Br'er Coon's Ellie Mae

is one of a kind!!  While she is pretty, often times sweet, but has a very mischievous fun aspect to her personality!  When she was a kitten she would taunt me from a 10.5 foot valance that was close to a long chain of a hanging lamp. She would stretch out to show me she could reach it, pretending that she was going to climb down it, and watching me to see if she was provoking the desired response!! She'll slap and growl at a kitten in a heart beat! They leave here bullet proof!



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