The time has come for me to transition my time,

from raising awesome Maine Coons, to sharing my life with my awesome husband. 

He is traveling more and more with his hobby and there is only one obstacle for my joining him. 

We thoroughly enjoy traveling with each other and are looking forward to finally sharing more time together.

To be successful in a breeding program it is important to always have up and coming cats ready to fill in as others retire.

  Early this year I purchased two females to become future mommies.




ICOONS Jillian of Br'er Coon

Is a very attractive Brown Patch

Tabby with White.  The left side of her body is mostly Brown Tabby and the right side has more red.  Her coat feels like silk and she does an excellent job keeping herself well groomed.

Her date of birth is 2/20/19

Soon she will officially be considered an adult, but she is far from it, as she remains playful and fun loving.


Small Haus Mostly Sunny of

Br'er Coon is a very affectionate sweetheart.  She loves to climb into a lap for some loving, both giving and receiving. The good feelings seem to provoke a desire to nurse on skin. One sound and she closes her eyes as if to apologize and dismisses with "I forgot". Her date of birth is 4/10/19. A delightful age, she is fun loving and past the destructive phase!


Br'er Coon's Martin

is the most easy going cat I have ever met. He exudes the demeanor of a wise, gentle old soul. While average in size he comes across as a giant, noble beast.  He is affectionate to all including other stud cats and they seem to revere him.

He was born 5/21/17 and just recently produced his first litter. His biggest asset is his disposition. Worthy in a breeding program for that alone.


Br'er Coon's Hamilton Bone

Better know as Hambone, will be "taking care of business" at ICOONS Cattery in Florida.  I loaned them their first stud cat and now they will have my last.

He is over the top with coat, sweet, affectionate and LOVES to EAT!!

He has large plate like feet with an abundance of fur shooting up from between his toes. Per CFA "well tufted"!


Br'er Coon's Sweet Potato

Better known as "Tatter" is seven months old. He is "Mr. helper", whether I'm litter box scooping, folding clothes from the dryer or making the bed, he is 100% involved. He typically follows me wherever I go.  Once I land in a chair he is quick to initiate lap time. Affectionate, fun loving, companion kitten/cat!

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