Sabastian waking Gabriel in the morning!

Dear Ginger, We have not talked for some time, but we must tell you how much we still love our beautiful Sabastian we got from you several years ago! He will be 4 years old on April 26 and he is a really special part of our family! Before we got him you told us you thought he would be great with our son… he reminded you of a previous kitty who loved his boy and would follow him around. Well, we have shared with you before how right you were! Sabastian absolutely loves “his boy”… our 8 year old son, Gabriel. He follows him in his room when he is playing and he loves to wake him up every morning! He will go and sit outside Gabriel’s door and cry until we let him in to wake him up! He purrs so loud and is incredibly loving! We finally recorded can watch it for yourself. We just had to share it with you! Sabastian still has his own unique ways with each of us. For Erik, he is the playmate… and when he is wild, they play hide and seek. He also still follows Erik into the bathroom every time!... no one else… then he sits on the sink and put his paw on his shoulder until he gives him a rub or some water from the sink. With Susan, he is the cuddler! He does his sweet cat talk, we call it his “chirpple” and jumps up and kneeds the blanket she is under and curls up and sits on her lap. He is still the most beautiful and loving cat and we love him so much! We thank you and we are still so grateful to you for him! We keep saying when we are ready for another cat… (we still have our older rescue cat who is now 14 years old!)…we want a Maine Coon… and we will be calling you! Hope you enjoy the video.. should make you smile! Love, Erik & Susan

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