"Rook" update at 1 year 10 months...

Hi Ginger, I just wanted to give you an update on my amazing Rook! He is, quite simply, the most wonderful cat in the world. He's getting HUGE - it's a struggle to pick him up, but he loves when I carry him around. He follows me everywhere, and he sleeps right next to me every night with his head resting on my stomach - it's so sweet!!! He used to sleep on my pillow, but he got so big that he took up the whole thing! He LOVES to be brushed - I brush him every evening, and he just rolls over and starts purring when he sees the brush. Rook is beautiful. His fur is shiny, thick, and gorgeous, and he has the most amazing profile. He is a flawless example of a Maine Coon. And he has a tiny tiny tiny meow - it's adorable. He's very talkative, and it's so funny to hear that tiny meow coming from such a giant cat!! And his eyes are so expressive - I swear he knows what we're thinking at all times. Also, I've never seen a cat that loves food as much as Rook does! Lol - we have to keep the trash outside, or Rook will dump it all out looking for food. It's too funny! My husband was cooking sausages about a month ago - he set them on the counter, turned around to reach for the bread, and Rook had already gotten them by the time he turned back around! Hah - Rook didn't even have to get on the counter - he just reached up, swiped them down, grabbed them, and he was off!! We use that to our advantage with the children - we tell them they have to finish their food, or Rook will steal it. ;-) We couldn't be more pleased. He is such a lovable, gentle, hilarious, sweet giant of a cat. I don't know what we did without him! He is such a huge part of our family - it feels like he's always been with us. Thank you, so much, Ginger!! We adore our Rook, and I can't thank you enough. :-) Liana

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