Several years ago I sold a Red Tabby female Kitten to Jimmy Lee of Felis Wonder Cattery and & Nancy F Jipanis of CROCOON Cattery in Malaysia. Br'er Coon's Tallulah was transported by Ramli & Nancy Jipanis of Crocoon Cattery too.

Another Maine Coon breeder in Texas, Donna Hinton of Nascat Cattery, sold a Silver and White male, Nascat Super Charged of Felis Wonder to Jimmy Lee. These two cats are the grandparents of GCNWDWBW VENIZIA RED SURFER who has just received the distinction of being the WORLD's first Maine Coon as COTY (Cat Of The Year) for The Cat Fancier's of America CFA. Ours was a very small

part of this incredible success and accomplishment.

Note: GC stands for Grand Champion, NW for National Win, DW for Divisional Win and BW for Breed Win top that off with COTY!!

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