Nail Trimming Tutorial

Here is a quick video on how to trim your cats claws. Our kittens are accustomed to having their claws trimmed in this way. They are usually sitting or lying in my lap, ideally a position of affection for them. Get them use to your lovingly massaging their feet and toes at random times. When ready to trim, chose a time when they are sleepy or generally in a quiet mood or calm time of the day. Resist reacting to being playfully "snagged", as that is usually the worst time for being successful. I always follow up with "eraser love". This is where you keep them in your lap and love on them until they settle into the moment. The idea is to "erase" the desire to run away and to embrace the idea of a love session. When you are ready, place them on the floor. Resist allowing them to jump off. This training will save your legs as you eliminate the idea of them pushing off!

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