Dagny is Miss Hattie's littermate.  She is retired from one breeding program and has come back to ours.  While small in stature, she produces large kittens/cats with wonderful personalities.

She is a Solid Blue and White (Bi-color) with beautifull amber eyes!  Dagny is an outstanding mother, who has the special distinction of  producing Mr. Green Genes'

very first litter!

Youngest is “Tilly” who is a Silver Patched Tabby with White. She is delightful, full of energy and a very inquisitive cat – she is always looking for something (trouble) to get into. My husband A D O R E S her! At the moment, she is smaller than the other Hope daughters we kept – our thinking is maybe SHE will be productive for us. Her Silver color is very striking with a minimal touch of patching. Both Fire and Hope were very slow maturing, and both ended up being large females. 

"Teddy's" and "Luke's" kittens

Have all gone to their new homes,

with the exception of

"Ellie Mae" and "Teddy's Bear"

who are staying with us

for show and breeding.






A V A I L A B L E 


Br’er Coon's Blue Danube, “Dagny”

is Solid Blue & White with amber eyes.  She is sweet, affectionate and prefers to be in a lap -as do ALL of our cats!!

"Dagny" is a litter mate to Miss Hattie who was also recently retired and living in Florida

Date of birth, June 29, 2012



Br’er Coon's Chantilly Lace "Tilly" has just been spayed - she is such a love!  "Tilly" comes from a line of exquisite females who have had reproductive difficulties.  I have decided to offer her to a loving new home.

She will be available sometime in September and I expect her to contimue MARCHING - she is so happy!!

  Date of birth January 27, 2014

"Ellie Mae" is a daughter of Luke and Teddy.

She is so much like her mom (which is a good thing) with the addition of RED patches. Those patches will end up producing Red tabby boys. "Ellie" has a high fun factor, creating her own games and loves to frighten me with her dare devil antics!  She has my heart! In about three months she will have her echocardiogram done and enter our breeding program!!

"Rockie" is Dagny's daughter and a kitten from  Mr. Green Genes first litter.  She is a Blue Tabby with high white.  She is serene lady, content in watching kittens play or being in my lap.  At the moment her coat is long and silky - which makes for easycare!  Her intended partner will be "Bear", but that will be in about four months, after her echocardiogram.


Has one spectacular Blue Tabby female kitten born June 26th!

SHE will go to Kathleen in VA sometime in September!






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