When you invest your time, money and heart in a Maine Coon Kitten, it is important that your new companion, and family member, lives a full healthy life.  At Br’er Coon our commitment to this, starts with the selection of cats from pedigrees filled with a long line of health.  Add to that the appropriate testing to confirm heart health, a resident veterinarian and the knowledge that we give every effort to produce healthy kittens and cats that will add joy to your life.


One of the characteristics that make Maine Coons the most popular breed of cat is their “dog like” disposition.  I can easily describe them as “companion cats” as they can often be found waiting at the door for your return and welcoming guests as they enter your home.   Take a seat and you can expect to have a cat in your lap or, for some males, along side of you.  The Maine Coon written standard of excellence has “amiable disposition” as a descriptor.  It is understandable given their size.  It is one of a very few breeds that addresses this attribute.  From our point of view, all aspects of having a Maine Coon should be joyful.


Beauty is in the eye of the beholder and your perception is enhanced by their “gentle giant” dispositions.   I personally find beauty in a functioning form along with symmetry and balance.  It is easy to consider a Maine Coon in your home, as a moving piece of art.  Their faces are sweet, kind and gentle with just a hint of the WILD.  Their easily maintained long coats capture the sunlight and reflect it on to you.  To tie disposition and beauty together I will quote Forrest Gump . . .  “Pretty is, as pretty does.”

Breeding and raising Maine Coons is a family affair for us. We both share a strong commitment to raising healthy, beautiful cats with wonderful dispositions. It’s important to us that our kittens conform to The Cat Fanciers Association’s Standard of Excellence for the breed. It is not an accident that the Maine Coon Standard, in addition to the confirmation of the cat, addresses its disposition. Fortunately most reputable breeders focus on the importance of disposition on a cat that may well be more than twice the size of a “normal” cat. To solidify these wonderful personalities we condition the kittens to appropriate play. Hands are for kind, loving, affection and laser beams and interactive toys are for rough “wild” play.

Most of our pet homes already have a fondness for cats and quite often have a cat or two. In addition to socializing with humans, the interaction they have with the other cats is very important to their overall self esteme. Fire is our matron who has little tollerance for the antics of kittens - she is known to show her displeasure with a bop and a hiss in either order!  The kittens momentarily drop, belly up and freeze - when nothing serious follows they bounce back up and head on their merry way.  They quickly learn to give her a wide radius.

Then there is Wally who is mesmirized by kitten energy and antics.  It is comical to watch him try to play with the kittens - they disappear somewhere under his body! He is known to groom them, and allow cuddling which brings glazed eyes to the appreciative kittens. The kittens are also exposed to other breeding females or to put it more directly “fluctuating hormones”. While some females will gladly allow any kitten to “seek comfort” at their bellies, others say “NO” in no uncertain terms. All of these situations prepare them for integration into a home with other cats

The kittens usually go to their new homes between 12 and 16 weeks of age. In addition to having experienced a wide range of people and cat interactions they have also been conditioned to using a cat tree for scratching - while at the same time being discouraged from using the furniture. It is highly recommended that their new home prepares for their arrival by obtaining a suitable cat tree. For those in the Atlanta, GA area we can’t think of anyone better than Steve Hall of www.furwoodforest.com. Steve also goes to a lot of CFA Cat Shows around the Southeast with an excellent selection of trees.

The health needs of our cats and kittens are provided 24 hours a day by our resident veterinarian – my wonderful husband. The kittens will be spayed or neutered prior to going to their new homes and will have had all age appropriate vaccinations, with the possible exception of Rabies. I think it is a good idea for the Rabies vaccination to be given in the state and city of residency. If interstate travel requires a Rabies vaccination, of course we will provide, along with a health certificate. We encourage you to take your kitten to your veterinarian, for confirmation of health, within three days of arriving at their new homes.

Br’er Coon Cattery will occasionally ship kittens. While we support the airlines' live animal protocols, they are most often prohibiting due to temperatures requirements at both departure city and arrival cities.